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Your call

As some of the greatest job opportunities are entrusted to executive search consulting firms, it is a good idea for senior professionals to learn how to best use such firms to advance their careers. A hiring organization will only retain an executive search firm under a consulting contract for its most critical senior appointments. Top executives, who are called by a search consultant for an assignment, can leave a positive impact and build a good and rewarding relationship with a search firm by following a few simple rules.
Everyone is busy, especially a highflying manager like you. Remember, it is the search consultant’s job to call. He or she is just doing his duty. Getting a call just as you are about to make an annual presentation to your most important client can be surely annoying. But when you can, return the call, as you would return a call from a close friend. Sometimes, it is appalling to encounter not so senior level managers who think that calling back a search consultant is the biggest favour they are doing. They could be light years from the truth! Search firms call you only because you are successful and they recognize your capabilities and your wisdom. 

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