Our search process does take some time, could differ from assignment to assignment and there are occasions when hiring is done quickly, depending upon business exigencies, availability, accessibility, fitment and logistics. Typically, an assignment would go through the following steps.

establishing search objectives

The need to know an organisation’s business, its evolution, its milestones and its goals is paramount, before we can effectively talk to anyone, especially about something as important as a career shift. Hence we first understand the business problem the hiring is expected to resolve. A face-to-face meeting always works best to gauge an accurate sense of where to focus the search on and also assimilate working styles, cultures and other crucial process parameters.


To identify those very special talented ones, we map relevant companies, cold call, track exits and often examine parallels from other industries, and network with senior executives with whom we have nurtured deep relationships, with the help of our dedicated knowledge management system.

candidate development,  assessment and fitment

Candidates that meet the hiring profile are "called for the job".  And thereafter each interested and relevant candidate is met.   Interviewing is done with emphasis on the desired competencies. Strong candidates will more of less have the same career progression and might even be peers, from the same university and batch, sitting in the same building, in the same organisation, in adjacent cubicles!

selection, offer and managing expectations

This is really the most sensitive time of any search assignment. As hiring managers know so well, it is a very minor difference between the selected individual and the ones who were not. At times, a candidate may want to research the offer in detail (not just think over it!) and this might take a tantalising week or more before it is accepted. A world of counter offers, retention bonuses and emotional tugs play with or against each other. Not to forget sudden spousal preferences, relocation, school admissions, weather allergies!


We stay in regular communication with the selected candidate and help assuage any concerns as well as reinforce the decision to move to the new job. And post that, continue to stay in touch with placed candidates and help them in settling down to be able to deliver the businesses' expectations and also meet their own professional goals.