If you want a firm that will partner with you with focus, creativity, personalised attention and a deep desire to help you meet your business goals, then do get in touch with us. You will find our working style is collaborative, approach uncomplicated and philosophy one that ensures that our success is directly linked to your success.  Here are a few reasons why clients have chosen us over the years, sometimes over much larger global firms.

understanding of businesses and their challenges

In addition to firsthand experience in executive search for over 12 years, we have a solid foundation of over 12 years in the Indian advertising profession, with exposure to understanding businesses and business models in FMCG, durables, financial services, lifestyle, retail, publishing and entertainment, with both multinational and large  domestic companies.  This helps us in viewing organisations   from various perspectives and use that effectively in impacting and attracting talent.  We even undertake market visits at times, to get a first hand sense of business realities.

research and only research driven

Research is the only way to identify the elusive game changers, and which is why, it forms the backbone of our work. Our research team has the experience, capability and sensitivity in communicating with time starved senior professionals, day in and day out. At times, night in and night out!  Our dynamic knowledge management system helps us in keeping track of candidates as they progress in their careers.

consistency and sensitivity

The involvement of the managing consultant is complete in every search assignment, automatically ensuring consistency and focus on quality. There will never be an instance of a junior consultant meeting either client or candidate. We have the sensitivity to heed seriousness (or sometimes lack of it!) of a candidate early on in the hiring process.

client driven partnership approach with best practices

Only clients’ needs drive us.  We use industry benchmarked best practices for each assignment. And our approach is anchored in building deep and strong relationships with fewer organisations and giving them our all.  A majority of our clients have given us repeat business, across a variety of functions.  Several times, we have conducted confidential searches. And yes, we never ever search in our client companies.

unique skill to position a search

Having several years' firsthand experience in the business of successfully positioning products and services, we have the unique and necessary skills to position a company and an assignment sharply and impactfully in the market.

small is large

For any other firm, you are just another client. Never for us. Our future success and reputation depends upon the success of each and every one of our assignments. Hence we only take on those mandates which we think we can do full justice to. You will always get the focus and attention you deserve, resulting in faster turnaround times. Most importantly, since we do not deliberately work with too many clients in a sector, the universe of talent we can tap into is really wide, Many a time, we happily introduce individuals to companies, pro bono. To simply experience the magic that connections create.  Didn’t someone wisely say that those who love their jobs, usually do a good job.