We strive to get for you those superior, rare, individuals and teams who can make transformational positive differences to your business and its goals.  And are extremely hard pressed for time and attention as they travel across time zones, sometimes several at a time. With sterling track records. With a very small window of time to discuss career options. Sometimes with unrealistic dreams and demands. Who need gentle persuasion and solid convincing at different times to be excited by an opportunity. Which they rightly wish to evaluate very carefully before they even agree to a dialogue. Employing all best practices that the leading firms of the world use, we isolate the elusive intangibles that resumes, cover letters and detailed interviews cannot always reveal and yet are paramount to a successful hire. It goes without saying that we find candidates who are not only qualified and will produce the desired business results for the client, but whose own goals will be enhanced by the opportunity the position offers, so as to enjoy exceptional tenure and advancement with our client organisations.

For instance, a CEO for a radio network. A Director of Marketing for an innovative publishing business.  A Chief Creative Officer for a highly ambitious country office of a supercharged global agency. A CFO for a top internet company just around the dotcom doom. A VP Sales for a rapidly scaling new category with a constricting legal environment. A Finance Director, for a UK listed consumer healthcare company, near London. A head of account management for a large advertising company.  An expert to drive SOX implementation across 14 circles in a large telecom giant.  A strategic IT head, for a market research company expanding into new areas and geographies. A business head to start a celebrity driven entertainment enterprise.  A President of a US listed media company in New York.  An online editorial head for a pacy news daily. A VP Marketing for an Indian FMCG company with an unending slew of new product launches. A consumer insights expert to champion and introduce worldwide strategic planning concepts in a global advertising network. A digital leader to head an interactive business nationally. A head of brand marketing for one of the country’s largest telecom operators, on the verge of major change.

We do nothing else but finding talented game changing executives. It is our one and only ability.